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Jamie Lindgren

graphic designer & illustrator



"It's the darkness, it has me."


After over a week of battling indecissiveness over what phrase I wanted to use for this project, I finally selected one (hallelujah!):

"It's the darkness, it has me."

This quote comes from season one of my absolute favorite TV show, American Horror Story. I am very much into horror & the macabre, and I felt I could relate to this quote in that the darkness "has me", so to speak, in my having such an interest in the darker side of things. Plus, I thought it a fitting theme for the time of year it is (which, suprise suprise, also happens to be my favorite time of year). I thought that it would be a fun idea to present this as an antique ghost-story book cover.

Here is the list of words I came up with after I selected my quote:

word list

And my mood board that I had way too much fun putting together, as I'm a big fan of mood boards.

mood board

I am going to get started on warm ups, sketching, and explorations very soon and will update with further progress on my project.


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