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Laura Hirst

18. Great Britain. Kerouac Fangirl.



It's the Way the People Regard


I chose the poem ‘Aner Clute’ from the Spoon River Anthology. I had never heard of the Anthology before but immediately fell in love…the dark and misanthropist attitude held in each of the poems from Spoon River and the depth to each character we gain from the simplicity of a poem was incredible in my opinion.

‘Aner Clute’ stood out to me in particular. I found the poem intriguing and dark, yet within that I felt a great amount of empathy for Aner. It clearly portrayed the thematic misanthropist attitude of Aner as one of the residents of Spoon River, and like the rest of the residents…this attitude can only have been a product of past experience. I was left wondering. What were those experiences? Relationships with others would be the one here that I felt I had to portray in my adaptation. Knowing that Aner lived ‘the life’, the negative connotations we hold within society are immediately present. However, reading the poem we are shown layers of Aner that show how innocent and vulnerable she is, from making up a story of a proposal from a rich man to hide her shame, to the comparison of a young boy committing a crime as innocent as the theft of an apple.

Aner’s tragic life packs a very real and compelling message on society’s judgements, and the labelling we face, which still rings true, even today. The message being that just one decision, no matter how innocent can change the course of a person’s life…because of how society perceives that decision. In Aner’s case, such a decision led her to a tragic life. Even before her death, Aner had died inside long before. A hopeless and heartbreaking poem, but it left a big impact on me and changed my own attitude, so I felt a huge amount of responsibility while writing this adaptation.


1st Draft:

2nd Draft:

3rd Draft:

4th Draft:

(mainly minor changes on this draft...trimming down the action and changing impalpable descriptions into something more visual.)

Final Draft:


A wayward young woman whose struggles in life have been the product of society's judgement, encounters a young boy making a decision that will be the start of his own downfall.

Here are some of my notes I used for planning... (excuse my handwriting!)


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