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It's quiet inside.

22/02/2014 -Update-

I am finally done after a whole month :D (been slacking alot)



29/01/2014 -Update-

Finally watched (almost) all the videos today besides the texture and the bitmap one. I made some colour palettes today! I had so much fun making these and the colour editing tools is just amazing. I basically started out by selecting one major colour like what Brad said. The colour tool comes in very handy after I made my first palette because I can adjust the hue/saturation in one click and make more and more palettes! Here are the three of them that I really like.

  1. Pastel orange and green: This is a fairly neutral palette among the bunch. I like it. It is comfortable to look at. Also, the orange stands out very well next to the greens.
  2. Bold orange and blue: This palette gives a mid-night look to the image. The orange stands out even more here surrounded by all these blue-tones buildings. I like the dramatic look of it but I think it is a little bit too harsh for the eyes.
  3. Pastel Pink, purple and blue: Look at all these cute colours! It is like a lollyland! This is my personal favorite but it really doesn't suit the theme much. Maybe I will use it on some other project of my own.

Mockup 2.0:
Here is what I have done today, not much but it seems like to be a good foundation for the project. If anyone's still around, I will be glad to hear your comments. Thanks :)

* One thing I have learnt today is REMEMEBER TO TURN LINES INTO OBJECT or else it won't scale right. 

Loud and Quiet?

I really like this topic. In fact, I really like it that I skipped almost all the tutorials and just go straight into drawing in AI!

Okay actually, I did some sketches beforehand. Here:

I was listing out things that is related to this two words as well as the relationships between them. After thinking about what is commonly known as "quiet" or "loud", it comes to my mind that the best way to present the word "quiet" is by using the opposite, "loud". (I hope I am making sense here.) I got very excited with the idea that I came up with and I went straight to sketching the actual thing. Basically, I want to draw an image that shows loud and quite at the same time.

Here is my quiet poster mock-up(barely.)

That's all I have for today. More to come tomorrow. 


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