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Keith Slawinski

Motion Graphic Designer



It's only 30 seconds of your life

Wanted to use this phrase as a motivational exercise poster.

Motivational words

Weights, Strength, Power, Energy, Speed, Tough, Fast, Fuel, Sweat, Resilient, Flag, Punchy.

Mood board

This one took a bit of time to pull together as object to word associations took a bit more creativity for me. On a personal note I want to avoid heavy relations to letter jackets or sports banners in favor of a more A-symmetric and chaotic text block.


Warm-up Word

I was a bit over-excited and kinda started on this before I had a mood board esctablished. There is a good chance I wont use any of these, but for the purpse of the exercise. (Will post shortly)

Thumbnail sketches:

Think I went into a bit too much detail on these to start, but I wasn't sure what themes were working until I expanded them a bit more. Need to learn to identify ideas quicker, but I guess part of that comes with experience. I am however happy with the variation of conent presentation in each one making it tough to pick a fav. 


Really liked the layout of thumbnail #3, but the energy of #1. So with my final sketch my goal was to keep the clean legability of #3 as a base while inserting elements that help lead the eye. The biggest challenge was walking the line between interest and clutter (the main reason I didn't base my design on #1).

For the most part I feel my final sketch does that, but spending so much time with a phrase makes it hard to objectively determine its legibility. Another concern I have is line shading. Not sure if it would look better horrizontaly, based on perspective, or surface dependent. Let me know your thoughts: )


To help with legibility I made a few last minute changes to the final sketch. I rotated the only kettlebell and adjusted its letter sizing, tweeked the shape of the "30" , and I moved "It's" above the rest of the text on the banner. Looking foreward to inking this.


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