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Hello there fellow skillsharers! 

It took me an embarrassing amount of time to come up with three short pitches, my problem steams into coming up with a plot that turns into a possibility of not only a single film but a trilogy of them...

However some long walks, binge watching latest TV shows, and a dozen cups of tea later I’ve got three potential plots to work with.

Plot One

Harry Fisher awoke at 7am well aware that today he was going to die and at 8pm that night he would be found by the neighbours and yet instead of quickly catching the next cab to a lovely beach getaway Harry gets out of bed and starts to cook eggs.

Plot Two 

Natalie Little drinks one tall glass of warm milk crawls into bed and plugs herself into the void, downloading her favourite dream. However something goes wrong and another dream is downloaded as well.

Note: This plot can go one of three ways, creepy horror, slightly dramatic drama, or comedy. I almost cheated and wrote this one out in those three different ways but I persisted and came up with two others.

Plot three

At a nice low key restaurant is a young couple and while both are extremely different they have come here with one goal in mind to break up. 
The problem is neither of them want to be the ‘bad guy’ and neither of them are aware that the other actually has the exact same goal.

And there we have it for now, people still pondering around here I would love to hear your thoughts on these otherwise here I am signing off until next time.


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