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It's never too late to start

The story I need to tell is the Story of Me.

My entire professional career has been about writing. After working for years as a tech writer, then marketing writer, and then content strategist (with four completed novels in the drawer), I still find myself drawn to stories. It  seems I can't get them out of my system. And, now at this stage of my life, I still wish I could be better at them.

At the same time, I grew from being young dedicated employee, to a freelancer, and then entrepreneur. Once you've been in business for yourself, it's hard to go back.

My story is about making these two things work together, matching business goals with creative goals.

The components I need to tell this story.


I chose five components.

A world view

Maybe it's a reaction against tech writing, but I firmly believe in leading with stories first, then facts. People use their hearts to make decisions and their heads to justify them.

I've decided to open with this (instead of Once Upon a Time), because I think it's a more challenging structure, and forces me to frame everything in terms of what I believe. 

Once upon a time

Next comes setting the stage as a young mom and writer. I turned to contract technical writing at first because of the flexibility and freedom it afforded. But it wasn't long before that freedom transformed into wanting more. I became an entrepreneur, supporting myself online without doing freelancing.

Challenging situations

Like many people, running an online business over the last 16 years has been both a party and a huge hangover. After many financially great years, I struggled. It's painful, even embarassing to think about my mistakes now, but face them I must. I think I'll get a lightsabre.

Lessons learned

There's so many lessons to be learned from struggle and conflict. Not so much from easy street. From a business perspective, I learned not to take success for granted. The work is always harder than you imagine. Even if you were successful once doesn't give you a free pass to do it again.

On the personal side, staying stationary or static for too long makes it harder to get moving. You have to get out of the basement once and a while. The hardest lesson, though, is learning to be kind to yourself.

New possibility

To close, my gut tells me to go with new possibility. Carving a new niche out of VERY well trodden ground is intimidating. (Take this course for example. Keith Yamashita knows a thing or two about storytelling). But if I can find what's innovative when it comes to content for business, and pair it with my love of stories, I'll be happy.

My archetype.

The idea of Rebirth appeals to me, although in practice I do feel a bit like a song stuck on repeat. I could also be constant evolution, but I'll have to see once I get into the narrative. Maybe I'll write it both ways!



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