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It's never too late to play the violin

Learn to play Twinkle Twinkle little star on your Violin.

Hey guys!

In this class, I will take you through the simple basic steps of how to start playing the violin.

I started learning to play the violin 3 years ago at the age of 27. I didn't know how to read sheet music or play any other musical instruments, and given that most violinists start playing very young I felt doubtful whether I was going to get the hang of it all.

Rather than giving up, I adopted the mindset that it might take me longer to learn now than it would have maybe 20 years ago, but it wont be impossible. 3 years into it and I have already cleared my Grade 3 exam and starting to prepare for my Grade 5 exam.

Violin can seem daunting, but if you get the basics right and spend time getting comfortable with your instrument it can bring tremendous joy.

In this class I will walk you through the following basic steps

1. Know your Instrument 

  • Different parts: bow, frog, rosin, strings, f-marks

2. Getting started

  • How to hold the instrument
  • How to use the bow
  • Posture

3. How to read sheet music

  • Staff lines
  • Which note is represented by which line
  • What are crochets and quavers
  • How to count crochet and quavers
  • Signs on the staff lines

4. Finger placement on the Violin and A major scale

  • Violin doesn’t have any markings, show where the notes are.
  • How to play the easy A major scale.

5. Advice

  • Practice notes using an app (if you don't have a teacher)
  • Listen to violin songs to develop ears
  • Listen to violin compositions- Bach, Beethoven

6. Final Thoughts

  • Don’t be disheartened
  • Practice for an hour everyday
  • Overcoming the fear of starting a project 
  • Patience, patience,and patience.

So watcha waiting for? Sign up! :)


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