"It's kind of fun to do the Impossible" - Walt Disney

Who I am: I am a student-athlete. At this point in my life, school is my career. I try to do my best in everything I do but sometimes I give up or stop believing in my goals. I do competitive dance, cheer, and a bunch of clubs and activities. My main priority is that in setting up goals, I can find people to encourage me to follow through with them and find a direction to meet all of the goals I have.

Goals for 2013: 

 A. Goals for Dance: I do pointe ballet, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and tap competitively as      well as cheer. 

            1. Raise my extensions (working on flexibility, strength, and turn out)

             2. Practice balancing and holding positions and turns (working core muscles and strong arms)

             3. Improve technique (spotting, pointing all the way through my foot, watching sickled feet)

             4. Pointe  (make sure technique is good and practice, practice, practice!)

             5. Flexibility (toe touches, splits, and, again, extensions)

             6. Performance (Always go full out in practice, hopefully platinums at the competitions, faces and arms).

B. Physical Goals: I want to be in the best shape of my life this year. I want to make sure I have all I need to what I love full out.

          1. Challenging myself (20, 013 pushups and 700 minutes of planks this year, not allowing myself to give up and continuing to increase the length of time I can plank and the number of pushups I can do in a day)

           2. Improving Endurance (I want to be able to able to work for extended periods of time, this will come in handy when I have all day dance conventions)

           3. Making time to exercise (Scheduling, I'm not going to let these goals fall on the way-side)

           4. Knowing when to rest (I strained my meniscus last year and it is still recovering so I need to not break myself again)

            5. Eating healthy (I need to eat healthy, give up soda, stop eating nothing but junk food, and eat regularly)

C. Mental and Emotional Goals: Every year I start out strong but eventually burn out or overwhelm myself with clubs, activities, and goals and then depress myself when I fail. If you want to follow me on fitocracy, my username is Disneybabe15.

          1. Learn to say no (I am currently dealing with triple-booking myself because I can't seem to say no to people. Then I feel like I let people down and I forgo exercise in an attempt to right the situatuions I create)

          2. Learn to accept myself just the way I am (I've struggled with eating disorders and have often hated how I look, even to the point of becoming underweight. I am currently in a good place and want to stay here but also understand that what matters is on the inside)

          3. Work on creating a schedule and understanding that I can't do everything

          4. Create some healthy friendships that encourage me to do my best and help me to feel like I'm improving. 



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