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'It's just a phase'

February 12, 2014

I've chosen a phrase ('It's just a phase') which is my mantra at the moment, being a first-time mom to a seven-month old boy. I love him to death, but parenting is, well, all so new to me and requires a lot of patience. I think this phrase would be great as a title to a modern parenting book, not like all the ones out there that describe when your child can do this or that, but more of a book that shares stories to help you realise you're doing quite ok and that everything is a phase and blows over/gets better. 

I found it quite difficult to find inspiring images that matched my big brainstorm list. The most important words from my brainstorm were Inspiration / Together / Flowing / River / Power, and with that in mind I wanted to find inspiring, fun, quirky pictures, with bold and strong contrasts, modern, appealing to urban (dare I say 'hipster'?) parents like me and my boyfriend. I've started putting together a pinterest board but I'm not convinced I've got the right inspiring pictures. But maybe I'll just get to add stuff as I go along in this process. 

February 18, 2014

I'm doing the warming up excercise, drawing all letters of the alphabet. With a fulltime job and a 7-month old baby it's a slower process than I'd like it to be, but oh well, it is what it is :-) Love the assignment though, it's difficult but very good for my creative thinking!

May 5, 2014

It took a bit longer than I wanted, but I've finally finished the warming-up exercise, drawing all the letters of the alphabet. I've also sketched a few variations of the word Phase. Not too sure if I will actually use any of these, but we'll see. On to the next phase!


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