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It's funnier in Enochian...

UPDATE 2 - 1/18/14

I gathered some reference, but stopped myself from going overboard. I also did some quick n dirty sketches, more for possible layouts than font work. 

Here are some Enochian references; books and pages on Enochian mysticism as well as secret society type documents/symbols. 

My plan is still for the "It's funnier in" to be very plain text, and "Enochian" more fanciful. Here's the sketches, which I imagine won't be much at all what the final is like :D but I wanted to get some stuff down on paper! I also have some more references, for the more basic font / notebook cover styles, but I haven't arranged them into a nice collage yet!


I haven't had much free time lately (starting a 3rd job!) , but wanted to go ahead and get something posted for this!  

I went through a few quotes, but wanted to start with something kinda funny and also short. I started watching the show Supernatural not long ago, but got kinda obsessed and quickly caught up to the current season, 9.

I chose:

It's funnier in Enochian.

as said by the angel, Castiel. Who, in short, has no sense of humor and attempted to make a joke. When Sam and Dean just stare blankly at him, he dryly replies, "It's funnier in Enochian."

Enochian, btw, is the language the angels speak in the show, and a mystic language developed hundreds of years ago. I hadn't gotten around to making my list, wanted to hand write it, but just now typed it up on my, here's my starting point. Next, gather reference. I'm thinking of going with a mix of clean-cut, bland for Castiel and mystical, possibly glyph like text for Enochian. And probably something in a small poster or book cover design.


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