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It's bigger on the inside

Introduction Oct 16, 2013

I don't have any official training in this but I've been doing name plaques for children's rooms for several years now as baby shower gifts.  Those usually involve turning the letters into children at play (and various other activities) so I've never done anything quite like this, though I've always enjoyed looking at it.

The quote: "It's bigger on the inside"

In case you don't know what's bigger on the inside, that would be the Tardis (his space ship that's shaped like a big blue police box) from Doctor Who.  I'm a new Whovian but I was raised by a Trekkie and surrounded by Ringers.  I started watching one winter's night this past year when I had a terrible flu while studying in England for the year (there were so many references to it in class that I figured I'd better see what it was all about).  I enjoy the show and find it fun that they constantly tie in themes throughout a season (usually in the form of a phrase such as 'bad wolf').  What I think is great is that though each Doctor has their own phrases (Allons-y, come along Pond, geronimo etc) this one phrase comes into most episodes.  I'd probably use this as a fun art piece as a poster or even a notebook cover maybe filled with paper pages with science fiction phrases (like Mary's notebook that she showed).  I considered phrases that were particular to different doctors (Bow ties are cool) but ultimately I settled on this one as it's an overall theme.

It was either this, or my favorite Shakespeare quote (I've taught a lot of Shakespeare), "And though she be but little, she is fierce" but after brainstorming that I couldn't decide what direction to go in.  

First brainstorm Oct 16, 2013

General: Blue, Tardis, space, bow ties, fez, sonic screwdriver, smiles, time, clocks, gears, metallic, light and dark, the 'official' font

galaxy the 'who' font


I've traditionally used Prismacolor turquoise pencils for my drawing pencils.  I've used 2B for sketching, but for this project I've used mechanical pencils (I'm out of 2B... oops) because they're nice to use with a ruler and I don't have to keep resharpening.  I also like using a Copy-Not pencil- this one is Non-Photo Blue.  It's not supposed to show up on a copy machine copy but I like using it because when I draft things tend to get messy and muddy but with the blue it's light enough to not be all that bad.  Plus then I can go over it with a regular pencil.  I've got a white eraser and a hand sharpener.  I also have a compass and rulers- a long one and a short one.  I like the short one because it's easier to use but I like the larger one because it spans the whole page and I can make lines completely even by measuring off of the edges. I've got scrapbooking washi tape because it doesn't tear the paper and because it was cheaper than the masking tape or the blue tape for design.  I usually use Micron pens- this one is an 05 size but I also have a Sharpie pen that's a fine tip so it gives me the same as the 05 Micron does.  Finally I have a little pencil bag from Korea that a friend gave to me while I was in school with a little daffodil pin that I got on a trip to support medical research (it just brightens up the process).

Lettering warmup Oct 17, 2013

I tried swirls, putting all the letters so that they touched, and others but I was very happy with the way that the shapes looked more than the fonts...  I decided to fit it into a banner arch and just played with the letters but then got the idea for the triangles.  The tardis has a little light on top of it and I thought it would be nice to have the letters fit into that, which is why the bottom warm up 'bigger' is in that triangle shape- it's the left side of the ray of light shining from the top light.

I thought about the official font but I'm not sure I'm going to use it.

the little light on top

The letters would fit into the ray from the little light on top.

Thumbnails Oct 17, 2013

The Tardis is such a huge part of the show- it's a character, really (the Doctor refers to it as being emotional, he talks to it, it has a soul/essence, it has a name and sometimes it even talks back like in the episode 'The Doctor's Wife').  Because it's so important to the show and the Doctor's life, I wanted to include it in the project somehow.  Tardis blue is such a great thing that's mentioned to describe color in the show that I knew I'd include that in the final, but I wanted to go further than that.  If I put the lettering in the ray of light like in my lettering warm up, then it makes sense to include the Tardis itself.  But if I include the Tardis, then I should include it with the door being open, as the quote is that it's bigger on the inside.  And if the door is open then there should be something (or someone) in the door.  And who better to have in the door than the Doctor himself?  (No one, that's who... or rather, Doctor Who? Ha ha.  Sorry, bad joke.)  And if I put the Doctor in, I think I'll use the 11th one because he's got two very clear features that I can silhouette (I love silhouettes)- the fez and the bow tie.  Motif wise, since he travels through space I thought maybe I'd include a few cute stars.  As I type this I'm now thinking that maybe I should add some sort of framing or corner decorations like gears or maybe just some spacey swirls (whatever those are) or some other Whovian things.  But for now, here's what I have in my thumbnails.  

My three favorites right now are the second one on top (which is similar to the first one on the bottom row), the second one in the middle, and the last one on the bottom row.

I also did some word thumbnails without the gigantic Tardis.  I'm partial to the last one on row one and the first one on row two, BUT I also like the very first one... I don't know why.  I might have to see what it looks like sketched out.

Sketch 1 Oct 17, 2013

I did the arch/banner for the word bigger and I had originally intended to have the word inside be woven into the doors of the Tardis (like in the thumbnails, but the more and more I tried, the less and less I liked it- it just looked cramped and busy and it ended up taking away from the word 'bigger,' which I wanted to be... well, BIGGER.  So instead I ended up putting the word inside at the top of the Tardis- it's a shape very similar to the title shape for the show.

So even though I'm not using the same font, it still ties into the overall motifs in the show.  

So here's the first sketch I did (ignore the fact that it's crooked)- it ended up looking a little art nouveau... so I went with it.  It's not quite finished, but this is the basic idea.  The colors would be blue (Tardis blue), mainly solid, and used sparingly.  The Doctor's fez and bow tie will be red, the rest of him will be in silhouette.

Sketch 2 Oct 17, 2013

For sketch two I did the second of the thumbnails on the second row.  The words 'bigger on the' are in the ray of light coming from the top of the Tardis and the word 'inside' is in the ray of light being cast from inside the Tardis through the open door.  Again I have the Doctor's silhouette with the fez and bow tie (both will be in red).  I'm thinking that the Tardis itself will be Tardis blue and the rays of light will be either white or yellow.  The letters will be in black or Tardis blue and the background will probably be darker.  Currently the first sketch is my favorite between the two, but this option isn't bad.  

Sketch 3 Oct 17, 2013

For the third sketch I decided to get rid of the big Tardis and instead just make two little ones holding a banner.  The word 'bigger' is still large and arched.  I think it might need more embellishment but this is the basic idea.  I like it, but I still like the first one the best.  Again, please ignore that it's crooked.

Sketch 4 Oct 18, 2013

Before I could move on I just had to try one more word one.  I still like the first sketch that I did but I had to see this one through before I could move on for my own peace of mind (afterall, this is about learning something new and stretching myself).  The bottom on the right side is more complete than the left, but that's the idea.  

Honestly, I might just ink all of these for my own personal enjoyment...  But the two that i'm looking at for the final inking as the class project are this last one and sketch 1.

Sketch 5 Oct 18, 2013

Thank you everyone for your feedback.  I had narrowed down my choices of sketches to sketch 1 or sketch 4, but after recieving suggestions, comments, and general feedback, I did a 5th sketch.  I listened to all the various comments and did a combination to see what everything would look like.  This sketch 5 is the combination of several of the sketches.  I'm not sold on it yet though- I think it's looking rather busy.  It sort of ended up looking a bit art nouveau again... so I went with it and doodled along but I might have over done it.  I think if I want the art nouveau look then I need to just commit and go for it in an actual planned out way so that the execution will be better.  I don't know why I keep leaning that way though- I've never done anything that's looked like that in the past.  

This has also reminded me to buy a circle stencil... so please ignore that the circles are not very good- I'll be getting that stencil if I decide to actually use them.  The baby Tardises (or however you write the plural of Tardis) would be in more detail for the final as well if I end up going with something like this, though I feel like I might have put too many in.  I'll have to sleep on it, but for now, here's the latest sketch.  Feedback is always appreciated.

Sketch 6 Oct 19, 2013

I think at this point, I need to stop and go back to more thumbnails again.  This was the last idea- still a combination of several things that people had suggested.  This time I wanted to see what color would look like- sometimes it helps me to see color because it helps me decide if something is busier than I think it is in black and white.  Several things are going to make it to the final sketch- 'bigger', the Tardis, the Doctor's image, and stars.  However, the question is what else and in what way.  I don't know what other decorations will be in it and I don't know yet how I'm going to write 'on the' or 'inside.'  Please ignore that this is not the best picture for colors but you can get the idea of what I'm looking at.  My other thought with color is to make everything black and white except for the Tardis and the fez and bow tie- my reason being then the Tardis really pops out because it's in color.  But for now, back to the thumbnail board.  

Back to thumbnails Oct 19, 2013

I'm back to thumbnails because I couldn't decide on a final sketch.  Here's the new ones.  I am so sorry at the ridiculously bad image quality... 

I'm toying with the idea that the Doctor's arm is actually going to be writing out the word inside with his electric screwdriver.  The Tardis will still be in it.  But now I'm thinking of having words on banners instead of just floating around.  I'm also thinking of adding other characters in.

I'm not unhappy with the ones I've done, but I want to see what else I can do too.  

Sketch 7 & 8 Oct 20, 2013

I've added in Daleks and have been toying with some other decorations.  I thought about how the Doctor might write but I ended up with a script where to dot the 'i' the doctor has looped around and formed an infinity symbol from the end of the 'e' on inside.  The more I mess with the design the more I lean towards the originals.  I'm leaning towards sketch 1 and 5 but I like the small Daleks in sketch 8 and the clouds in sketch 7.  

Sketch 9 Oct 20, 2013

I think this will be the final sketch I do.  I'm feeling somewhat satisfied with how sketches 1, 5 and this one turned out.  I think I'll be making my final choices from those.  I think my problem with most of these was that I felt it was more illustration than words.  But the more days that pass the more I'm ok with that.  

Sketch 10 Oct 20, 2013

I told myself 9 would be the last sketch... at this rate it feels like I'm going through Doctors... But I'm going to stop at 10 Because I'm actually feeling pretty good about this one.  I like how the banner keeps everything all wrapped up.  I would have liked to include the planets (I didn't feel like there was enough space, but I probably could squeeze them in) but I'm liking this.  


Final ink! Oct 22, 2013

Here's my final inked in drawing.  I have to fix a few things in the computer/retrace some things but here it is.  Thoughts would be appreciated.  I'm still wondering if it's too busy or not.  I'm not opposed to doing a redo.  This is just a picture of it so the actual scan will look better.

Aaaaaaaaand of course, now that I post it, I want to reconsider doing more words and less illustration... *facepalm*

Oct 24, 2913

I'm still looking at my Doctor Who ink, and I'm considering making the letters more ornate... he's looking a little boring.  But I needed a change of pace and had to do something else to get a different perspective on things.  So I did a second quote to test out what I've learned and I thought I'd share.  My friend's birthday is coming up and I always do a birthday poster for him each year- only this time the lettering will be AWESOME.  It's not done and I really only inked because I needed to visualize what it would look like in black- the ink needs to be redone in places but this is the general idea of it.  It's a quote from the movie Serenity, which if you didn't know, is a movie that sort of wraps up the tv show Firefly- both are creation of Joss Whedon, the guy who directed The Avengers, Agents of SHIELD, Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Angel (to name the most famous ones I think).  The quote is "Gee, sure wish we had some grenades!"  If you haven't ever watched, it's a fun sci-fi western romp through space with gun toting rebels in a spaceship who fight, quip, joke, and play with plastic dinosaurs... Anyway, here it is.  I'm definitely going to be using what I learned in the class from now on- definitely worth the money.

October 30, 2013

After several days of nothing and giving myself a break from the Whovian nightmare that was my sketch, I've redone it.  It was just too busy for me to be a graphic.  If I wanted to make a poster (which I thought I did) then it would have been ok- even a bit plain.  But I decided I wanted it to be functional as more- everything from something simple to just post on a profile to a cover for a book or photo album.  I gave it a lot of thought and I ended up looking at tattoos.  Why?  Because they're easy enough to read (usually) but still visually pleasing (again, usually).  Here's a rough sketch of what new sketch (and possibly final sketch) will look like.  Feedback is always welcome.


November 4, 2013

You know, the more I fiddle with this, the more and more it seems to just change purposes.  The first sketch of the new banner look was rather fat.  But the newer sketches of it seemed to get thinner and thinner.  Now, I think the fat one is cute, but the thin one just felt... well, thin.  Which didn't really make it feel like a poster or a book cover anymore.  but it did feel like a bookmark!   Which sort of adds another meaning to the phrase anyway, as books can hold entire universes inside of them- they're also bigger on the inside!  So the new purpose is for a bookmark.  Here's a sketch of the new skinny bookmark.  I'm still fiddling with how to write bigger, as right now I don't like it, but this is the basic look.



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