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It's all in your mind...

I like doodling and tangling but do not have any art degree or vectorized any drawing. What if they were any good for selling? This might be positive...

What if..., what if... Well, I got to work to find out!

I find very amusing this kind of doodle drawings and this was an oportunity to experiment and learn some more with the reactions my drawings might originate.

Attending these classes, I made the first drawings. This was one of them (not the one with closed eyes).

At doodling exercise 3, I heard one saying something... which led me to develop it.  And this was the scaned doodle.

(Caution! It may cause some dizziness...)

I didn't want it to have a correct side up and down, and that, depending on the position, a new perspective could appear. 

Did I achieve my intent?

My son (7 years old) said "Mom, it's really confused!" Is it? What do you think?

Well. For vectorizing and coloring I had to explore an open software. Didn't have Photoshop or Illustrator, so I used Inkscape. And had to watch some videos to learn how to handle the basic functions.

It's a begginer's work that needs lots of refinements in the lines, only to mention one. But it was so usefull to learn how to work with the software! 

"A little less confusing", in my son words, "Much better! I like it!"

These were the final results.

Maybe too many colors? Too many details? What are your insights about it?


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