It's all connected


After watching this short course, I buckled down and decided to put as many of these into action as I could. And when I did one single step, I realized just how connected it all is, and how a small change could have a profound effect.

Due to an injury in high school, I don't really write well with my hand. I do much better with a computer in front of me, so I figured out (For Step 1 and 2), I figured that my desktop would be the best space to be my place, and my medium would be on a desktop. A laptop is nice for on the go, but rooting myself at a place to hammer away and type on is best for me.

However, my desk where my desktop was set-up was horribly messy and in need of cleaning. So I stopped everything and began to clean up my desk area. Running a cup of tea in the meanwhile, cleaned my desk, and found that a clean desk with a cup of hot tea next to me left me in a mood for writing (Step 4).

In addition, while sitting down, my eyes were drawn to my Tarot deck. I pulled a single card from it, and immediately felt compelled to 'sketch' a story inspired by the card I just pulled (Step 6).

With just a single change, I found myself writing more than I had in a while. The other changes will take a good amount of time, but very quickly, I found myself rekindling the fire I thought I had lost.