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Olga Shevyakova

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It's all about space

Hello everyone and sorry for my English))

This course was very intrested, Brad is a super great teacher! So, I'm just starting to learning Adobe Illustrator and my skill level is very beginner. I decided not  to take a very complex image and choosed this one,because I like minimal style-it's looks great, however there are some small details to this image that I think will help me develop my skills. So don't judge strictly:) 

It's original image, which I found on Pinterest.


I used the pen tool to create my forms and also tried some of the techniques using the elipse tool. The  example about the moon came in handy with the glare on the hemlet of the astronaut. So, here is the result after the first section Form Building:


And then I added text, created planet and IBM logo with the pentool, so now I have my own simple print Ad. Here is the final result:


Thank you, Brad, for this wonderful class! Now I don't ba afraid to deal with Adobe Illustrator!


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