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Its a mint green bottle

It’s just a mint green bottle

A mint green bottle made by famous plastics company Tupperware, founded in the forties. It was the company that vouched to give women freedom and independence, making a living by hosting parties with friends and family, whilst still having the time to be attentive housewives. Social marketing roots.

Every time I get an invitation to one of these so-called ‘parties’ where plastic gadgets are discussed to the endth degree, I feel angrily obliged to go. I don’t see any bubbly or hear any music – think it’s time to consider a name change, these are definitely not parties. But off I go with my credit card and husbands wise words “it’s just plastic” following me.

Over the years I have collected various items from the range out of feeling like I should purchase something as not to look cheap, rather than actually needing anything. A few of my friends have pantries that look like the catalogues and update regularly to the new colour range!!! No wonder the local Tupperware lady drives a nice looking car and smiles at being at a strangers house on a Sunday afternoon.

But even though I have this negative cringable feeling about attending these so called parties I have become very attached to my most recent purchase. The 1L water bottle - it has become my new can’t live without item.

Its’ well designed ergonomic sides concave in on two of the edges allowing the hand to cup it comfortably, with fingers resting in the hollows, you might be thinking it’s circular but this bottle is rectangular. The cap flips up and the small circular spout allows for easy drinking, and it seals beautifully with no leaks as long as it’s done up properly. When not done up properly and in your handbag be warned no ipad or mobile phone will survive 1L tsunami of water that will cascade into it. It is the 1L capacity and the compact design that make this bottle so appealing to me, along with the colour. My bottle is minty green and oozes freshness, its semi-transparency allows you to see the level of the water remaining but is dark enough that you can’t see the Berocca that I had to add to my water because of the red wine headache that hit me at 11am.

This bottle is popular, if you don’t have one you want one and when you do have one you are protective of it, mine is labeled on all four sides with my name, there is to be no mistaking that this is my water bottle. I do also own a leaf green water bottle that is the same except that it is leaf green, to me this water bottle doesn’t have the same appeal – colour is very important, but I am a graphic designer and so it should be. Tupperware is annoying but they make damn good 1L water bottles.

I don’t promote Tupperware or Berocca in any way.



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