It's a Process, Right?

It's a Process, Right? - student project

It's a Process, Right? - image 1 - student project
The leaf I had was too big and for some reason (it was early in the morning) I couldn't think "ah, just make it smaller on the page" ::facepalm::

Either way, it was interesting trying to get some sort of dynamic mojo but I think that might be b/c I needed to only take one minute per leaf. I'll try it that way later today and see if it helps.

It's a Process, Right? - image 2 - student projectThe one thing I've been pretty decent at since I first learned to draw was hands. I have no idea why. I still have a set of charcoal hands I did when I was 12 that I can still look at--and not see anything wrong with them.

For me, that's huge.

I remembered this time to use one of the magic pencils - you can't pretend you might wind up with high art when whatever you're drawing appears to have been scribbled by a kindergartener. 

(the weird circles arcing over the page are bleedthrough from the back of the paper.)


Spoon Self Portraits 1 & 2


It's a Process, Right? - image 3 - student project

It's a Process, Right? - image 4 - student project