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Sarah Nichols

Graphic Designer in Boston



It's Warm Inside! Come on in...

Does anyone know a good substitute for hard work & practice? Har har. I like drawing, but was a little rusty, so I drew some letters. It was fun! took a few hours,but I feel like I learned some stuff. Suprisingly the letters that seemed like the hardest to draw ended up being the most fun to do, ie: Blackletters. So fun!

I was surprised to find out how challenging the letter warmup would be. I thought, oh this will be easy..I look at serifs, san serifs, black letter, etc all the time. It was hard! Especially when I saw an example of type that I liked that didn't include the letters I wanted to use.

We write letters all the time! But drawing them is a whole 'nother animal. :)

Ok! Just starting off. My phrase is, "It's Warm Inside! Come on in..." It's going to be a poster on the Plaza I work in, offering a place for people to come inside out of the weather. I really got into the mood board portion of this, as you can see. 



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