It's Time to Level Up!

Taking this course is all about leveling up for me. I have always been a high achiever, having done well at school and in further education, and learning things fairly quickly. However I want to give my abilities a shot in the arm and be able to take things to a whole new level after completing this course.

Here are some SMART goals I've selected:

  1. Increase my reading speed to 750wpm and my comprehension rate to 80%, by 31st May 2016. I've taken a test which states my current abilities are around the 310wpm/75% comprehension mark - is it realistic to more than double my wpm in 6 weeks? Too ambitious? The main reason I want to achieve this goal is so that I can read any book or article much quicker and with a near-perfect rate of retention. This will be especially challenging for me when it comes to books, where my attention span just drifts off into space and I lose my place repeatedly whilst my mind is busy thinking about something else. I want to eliminate that bad habit as much as possible so that I can become an avid reader of books. Eventually I'd ike to up these figures to 1000wpm and 90%.
  2. Become fluent in Italian by 31st July 2016, to be measured by being able to hold a 15 minute conversation with an Italian friend. I was at conversant level at university but have forgotten most of what I'd learned.  and I've always loved the Italian language and would like to be able to bring my skills back and have the same level of proficiency that I have in French.
  3. I have recently enrolled on an online course in Security Engineering. I know a little of the theory already but am next to nowhere in terms of practical skills in this area. I have a fear of not being 'clever enough' to be good at it. So, my goal here is to complete the online course and be able to carry out all the practical skills it covers, with proficiency and confidence, by 31st August 2016 (or earlier if possible). Mastering this area would give me a significant advantage over other people in my role, and be a huge asset to the organisation I work for (where these skills are not as widespread as we would like, yet).

I have two more goals I want to come up with (trying to make each unique and different, so although 'I want to be conversant in German' is a thing, I already have one language goal so I'm not going to set this as one). I will be back with two other goals to see me through to the end of the year, once I come up with them!


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