It's Okay

It's Okay - student project
  1. Introduce yourself:  

Hello everyone, 

I am Josh and I currently live in Hawaii. I have been working in the Navy for 10 years now. I am very good friends with Anne when I met her while she was living in Hawaii. She told me about this course and here I am. I enjoy getting out and exploring from going hiking to snowboarding.  I hope everyone is doing well during the corona-virus pandemic. 

  1. Affirmation Project: 

This project did take time to put together and write it out. You think that now that you identified the negatives of your life, everything will get better... This is where now I am working on acknowledging them and moving forward. 

  • I am overweight and want to lose weight 

“Day by day, I am progressing towards my perfect weight” 

  • I have this urge of lust over what other people have done, who they are with or what they have, and I don’t. 

“A constant supply of wealth is pouring into my life” 

  • I seem to overthink or fantasize/dream of things that haven't happened but feel sad because it didn’t happen. 

“Wonderful things are happening in my life everyday” 

  • I stress over things that I have no control over. 

“I am at peace with myself and with the world” 

  • I have a fear of commitment because I don’t want to disappoint anyone. 

“I think positive thoughts that attract happiness and prosperity into my life” 


My go to personal thought that helps me get through moments of helplessness or feeling stressed is: IT’S OKAY.  


  1. Fun Photo:  

One thing that I discovered over nine years ago that I truly enjoy scuba diving. The first time that I went diving was during my time being stationed in Guam. The initial open water course was how I was able to get certified. I did have moments of fear during this time where I had to remove my mask underwater and swim a certain distance without being able to see. I panicked and shot to the surface without any regard to the safety concerns of being underwater. Luckily, it was not deep enough for me to experience the bends. 

 My instructor chased me to the surface and gave me a pep talk about staying calm and thinking through moments that might be uncomfortable or even terrifying. This will allow you to make more logical decisions and not cause unwanted harm. After this initial scare, I have over 60 dives in Guam, Hawaii, and even the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. I recently was certified for Advanced Open water which allows me to dive deeper and go on more challenging dives. I even reenlisted in the Navy underwater.

 The best feeling of scuba diving is seeing a world which many only see from the surface. I have enjoyed diving with sharks, only being able to see with a flashlight while night diving and exploring wrecks. This will be something I will be looking forward to after the pandemic. It's Okay - image 1 - student project

                                                            Diving the Great Barrier Reef