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It's Never Too Late TO BE

*I created the poster above, this was a poster I made for Denver Print Company*

"It's never too late TO BE what you might have been" -George Eliot

The above statement is a commandment for life. And not just for the one's who haven't started anything but have always had the dreams to. It's for the people who have done, and continue to develop, the one's on their way, and even the one's who think they are already there. 

This is about the large percentage of people who dream, think, and talk about what they want to do, and then, never act upon it; and eventually settle with this belief that they missed their opportunity, missed the calling, and fall into a more "settled" and "normal" lifestyle. They leave those thoughts behind, telling themselves that it just wasn't "meant to happen." Well nothing is magically meant to happen. We mold it into being because we put in the time and the sweat, every day, every waking (and sleeping) moment. If you do not take action at any point in your life you leave the canvas blank, you never place a line, and it will forever stay that way. But if you begin to move your hands with the tool set firmly in it, lines become strokes become backgrounds to become a full embodyment of everything you've ever wanted.

This phrase works at any point in life for anyone and anything. Many of us get caught up in the fact that we think the ship has sailed on our thoughts. We see someone younger, or more experienced and begin to now doubt our own drive and talent. At that point we beging to question whether that burning desire, is only as good as the electrical sparks that it sets off in our brain. There are then two paths to take: You shake off that negative state of thinking, and you immediately continue your grind, your battle, and you let nothing stand in your way or you give up. 

You may lose sleep, you may not improve as fast as some of your competition, but you must always remind yourself that persistence trumps all. If you never give up and you constantly refine yourself, your business, your life, to always adapt and do all you can, then you can BE what you might have been. Now, you ARE.

This commandment can hold true at any point in your life; after all, Alfred Hitchcock didn't direct his first American Film until he was 40 (Taken from "Unlabel" pg.84)

I have had moments in my life where I have begun to doubt my abilities, and question whether this is the right path. After seeing this quote, it transformed those thoughts to a new viewpoint, and a standard was set. And I remind myself everyday, to keep pace, and that an idea, or goal, is never out of reach.

This isn't only a commandment for those to do something with their lives, but also in business and your decisions with whatever business you may be in. This is a call to never quit, never stop, and always be. There's no reason to not follow what you want to do, and there's no perfect time to start, so just go, and create your plan along the way.

"It's never too late, TO BE what you might have been"

----------------Notes And Other Ideas that lead to my final commandment above-----------

How did I arrive here? The below points are what I like to accomplish with my art. I won't outline a business plan, because even Biggie told us to never let anyone know our next move, but there's no problem telling who I am and what I believe. 

Life is chaos. I speak of chaos in both a positive and negative sense. As Epictetus said "“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power or our will. ” There is beauty in the chaos in that we never know each day will bring, and there is stress in the chaos; never knowing what each day will bring. Some days our desires, dreams, goals, line up completely with chaos in which it shines light on them. Other days, we crash head on, on a course for destruction. We must always remember that all we have is now, and we must do all we can with what we have. 

The Guts:

Pulse DNA Makeup:

1.)  Seeking to blur the lines between medium and reality. To enter a realm where all that we lay our senses on becomes the ultimate truth, and purpose is felt in every individual. 

2.) Challenge your thoughts every day. Seek knowledge, create a game with yourself to soak up all you can, and life shall unfold into a new adventure each moment you take a breath.

3.) Don't forget to breathe

4.) A purpose, a concept, or belief to be shared and interpreted in each viewers own way;while still being able to explain the original intent if one so desires to know.

5.) A Connection, either purely visual or through the original concept/context of the design. We are the architects of our own lives.

6.) Look once, twice, three hundred times. As each time you embrace the beauty, you will always fine something new.

7.) Life is chaos, and chaos is fucking beautiful. Let's capture chaos and admire it for a moment.


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