It's Me Maggie!!!

There is 10 seconds on the clock, it is an intense semi finalist high school woman's basketball game . North Miami beach vs The Norland Thunders. I can hear my coach screaming "don't press" , "don't press" and I looked at him and did the total opposite. I grabbed the ball and stole it from the opposing team. Then I sprinted down the court and knocked down the game winning bucket. 

Wow, that was almost 15 years ago but I remember it like was yesterday. Most importantly I remember the fearless I had in me. I was bold and daring. I took risk and loved the rush that came along with it. Then something happened. I was disappointed after a failed marriage, let down by the economy and became painfully depressed. This is Maggie now. I am on a quest to revitalized that of which I lost and revamp who I was born to be; a leader. 


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