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It's Impossible to be Unhappy in a Poncho

Oh hi there!

For my lettering project I mulled over many options and eventually decided on a line from one of my favourite BBC comedy shows ever, The Mighty Boosh.

The line was taken from a scene where the morose jazz-loving Howard Moon asks super stylish character Vince Noir why he's always so happy:

"Everything's fun for you. Huh? You see a peanut? The day's of to a good start. You witness some soil? It's a jamboree for Vince Noir."

To which Vince replies: "I think it's this poncho, I mean it's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho."

Watch the scene here

I love all the surreal and wacky vibes from this show. So I've chosen the line: 

It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho


PART 2: Inspiration and research:

I started looking at traditional South American textiles, patterns & colours which led me into contemporary Day of the Dead poster designs. I decided to steer away from that but keep with the bright, fun and vibrant colours, so I started looking at hand-painted signage in Mexico.

I also love the bright, bold handpainted look overall as well as the 3D effect of some of the signwriting I looked at. I also love the overall retro kitchy look. Type that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Here is my Pinterest board

Here's a selection of some of the pieces that inspired me:


PART 1: Brainstorming words:

My furry little friend Paris is keeping me company and doubling as a sketchpad holder :)



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