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It's Ghana be tasty!


I've chosen Ghana, not just so I can have a funny name. But because I used to live their as a child and I think it's such an interesting culture with great music and friendly people. Also up to this point I know about as much as the average person about Ghanian food. Let's get stuck in. It's Ghana be tasty!

Groundnut Soup and Fufu

Fufu with lamb and groundnut (peanut) soup

The food in North Ghana and South Ghana are very diffrent but my first dish seems to be popular all over West Africa so I can't diferentiate which area it's from. It's made it's way over to North America, particularty Vaginia (where it is called peanut soup as the groundnut is something very diffrent in North America). North Americans eat peanut soup for kwanzaa to celebrate their African American population, but I'm looing into Ghanian culture. The soup is eaten with Fufu, which is a large dumpling made from yam and plantain starch, pounded in a large wooden pestle. The dumpling is dipped in the soup and left floating. The soup is traditinally eaten entirely with your hands!!


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