It's DEMO DAY ! - student project

Project overview organizes monthly online specialized events where Startup Founders can network with Investors, Mentors, potential Co-Founders, Developers, Designers, Beta Users...


  • fine-tune their product and their pitch,
  • expand progressively their eco-system.

The purpose is to reproduce online what happens when Startup founders attend a networking event, or more precisely a series on networking events.

Building the eco-system of a startup is like dating... it takes time and each encounter brings something:

  • for the Startup Founder feedback about how the activity of the startup is received,
  • for the Investors, Mentors, Co-founders... do they feel attracted by the Startup and is it close to their interest and field of competency?

Where we are at now

The site and the application have been built. They need more testing but it could be launched very quickly. The site is at:

The acquisition channel we selected: "the implicit invites"

More precisely from Vin's article "9 ways to grow your startup virally" -> Get your users to spread the word -> Get celebrities to get your app.

In our case, we need to have a critical mass of startup founders and a critical mass of angel investors during our first online event. For that they need to register to our site prior to the event.

The most difficult people to register are the angel investors. The idea is to convince two or three celeb angels to attend the event, and to mention their presence prior to the event. The startup founders should follow.

I registered to attend four big investor events in SF during the next two weeks. My goal will be to talk to them to identify what it would take for them to be present and then to get the agreement of several of them.

Update: Tuesday Jan 29th 

- I registered to more events where Investors and Startup founders meet. Approximately 10 events until Feb. 15th. The first one happens this evening.

- I also created several types of business cards and postcards centered on ItsDemoday with visuals explaining the idea. 

- I read an interview of Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. He says:

  • I think you can create your own luck. The key is to meet as many people as you can and really get to know them.
  • If you're in an environment where you're always running into the same people, the chances of one of those collisions being meaningful is maybe 1 in 1,000. But if you do it 100 times more, your odds go up.
  • My advice is: Meet lots of different people without trying to extract value from them. You don't need to connect the dots right away. But if you think about each person as a new dot on your canvas, over time, you'll see the full picture.

- It resonates a lot with my interests and the present project, so I created a Meetup. This new meetup group is about startup founders creating their own luck in the Silicon Valley.

The Meetup name is:  "Serendipity for Startups in the Silicon Valley"  and the link is:

Read Tony Hsieh's interview: