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It's All Your Circus Now

"It's All Your Circus Now"

My quote is from a favorite band of mine, Umphrey's McGee, and their song Wife Soup.  I just like how the song seems to encourage you to don't be lazy, go out there and experience the world because, as the song says, you wouldn't even believe your eyes.

So here are a few images of inspiration that I went with:


After look through a ton of circus posters I started to sketch out some ideas that were just rough thumbnails.  I probably have two more pages of little ones like these but this page happened to have two looks that I liked!

So after I picked out the looks that I liked, I went ahead and made a grid on a blank sheet and sketched it out!  I am still thinking over some other details that might give the piece a little more personality.

Would love to hear some feedback on this!


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