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Mark Cornick

Urban Landscape Photographer, London



It's A London Thing

Hi Everybody, and thanks for checking out my project!

Im Mark, a London based photographer. I have a passion for shooting my city, and hopefully this will show with my selection of images. 

I had an awesome time shooting for this project, and I loved the way that it really made me think about my shot list, locations and photography style.

If anyone wants to know about the VSCO film packs used in the edits, then drop me a comment.

You can see more of my images on my website and instagram

Shot 1 - Candid Street Portrait

Leake Street Tunnel

This was the hardest shot for me to accomplish, and a new style of photography for me, as I tend to avoid people in my images, so it was fun to have to adapt, and try and learn a new skill.

Shot 2 - Motion Blur

The London Underground

I was lining this shot up without any people, but right as the train approached this dude walked into the frame - I think it works better.

Shot 3 - The LookUp

Canary Wharf

I love shooting lookups, so I knew exactly where I was going to shoot this one. Canary Wharf is London's financial district, and has some of the cleanest architecture in the city, with amazing lines. This is one of the coolest lookups in the city. Couldnt decide on colour or mono for the edit, but really liked the cool shades of blue in the end.

Shot 4 - Night shot

Canary Wharf

I stuck with what I know best, another look up from Canary Wharf, I really like the architecture of this building, with the two poles creating a great leading line.

Added 5/02/14

Here are a couple of other images that I considered for the project:

Alternative Lookup:

Lloyds of London VS The Willis Building

Alternative Night Shot / Candid Portrait



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