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Ithaca Falls at Night

Just getting back into doing some photography, and rather excited about it. I've used Photoshop a bit in the past, but it's been a while since I've dedicated time to really tweaking a photo. This class was a great refresher, and taught me some new best practices for handling images. I do however still need to change my workflow from sRGB to Adobe RGB. 

This is a shot I thought about for a few days. Had some free time so I wandered over to the location one night to do some shooting. I was rather dissapointed by the sky that night, I was hoping for some interesting texture or just some stars. Instead there was a low layer of cloud cover that was being illuminated by the lights of Cornell University, which created a ghastly orangy-yellow glow. These were 30 second exposures.


1. Selected these 4 images using Photomerge in PS.

2. ACR to deal with the horrible white balance. Also bumped up the exposure, curves, clarity, shadows, and did some lens correction to reduce vignetting and distrortion.

3. Once the images were merged, I had to do a lot of masking to deal with the vignetting where the images overlapped. This was really apparent in the sky, but I also needed to fix some issues with the trees and rocks.

4. Healing brushed some stuff out here and there.

5. Lots of curves, contrast, and color tweaks.

6. Then a good deal of sharpening.

7. Finally a gradient filter to darken the sky.

Here is the result:

I plan on shooting this one again when I have a better sky and fresher snow. 

Thanks for the class!


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