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Italy, ti amo!

Hello everyone and sorry for my English))

I'm very begginig with handlettering and Adobe Illustrator, but this class was so clear and inspiring, so I decided to try myself.

I started my project from choosing the theme of my future postcard. It seemed very simle, but in fact proved very difficult to me. I wanted that it'll be just one word or maybe two.  So I started thinking what inspires me? what I love to do? I love travel, and especially I love Italy. I was in Italy several times and each time I founded something new and beautiful in this country. I decided to make postcard from Italy) 

I would like my card to reflect the italian mood. I believe that it should be bright, sunny and impetuous. Or something like that. And I wanted it to have little vintage style. 

First of all I decided to write some random words to have a little bit more practice.Here are my first attempts:


After that I started to find inspiration for my projects, I was serfing on Pinterest, Chromeography (and I really love this site-thank you for sharing it, Martina) etc. Finally I had two moodboards: one for typography and the other one for the general mood:



After that I thought "oh, maybe I should have Vespa on my card? it so Italian!" and started to find suitable word for my card. In the beginning, I wanted to use frase "Ciao, bella!" (and made some sketch for this frase), then I tried names of some Italian regions such as "Sicilia" and "Sorrento", and finally I stopped with word "Italy"-so simple and when we say "Vespa" we mean "Italy"))

Here are some of my thumbnails:


And the final sketch for "Ciao, bella":


Then I started to practice write word "Italy", I had many attempts, but most of them I thrown out because  I didn't like them. Here are some of attemts which I liked because they are vintage and fit style best of all)


Then I traced it in Adobe Illustrator, and again, thank you, Martina, for your explanations of Bezier curves.  Before I made as many anchor points as I can and it was really difficult to work with. Now I know how to make it right)


Then I choosed my color palette, again it should be sunny and translate italian mood. So here it is:


I tried to combine colors in different variations, but it didn't look as I wanted. I can't find some harmony in it. And I decided to draw texture for my word with watercolors. I draw several textures which in my opinion are best suited to the context of my card. And here they are:


All of them are very impressive and bright. I think these textures reflect sun, sea, emotions and general mood of Italy. Finally, I played with these texture in Illustrator, draw simple silhouette of Vespa, added background and some paper texture. 

And -tadam!- I have two final versions of my card. But I can't decide what is the best one

First one


And the second one:


Thank you for viewing my project and thank you, Martina for a really great class! Everything is clear and really helpful (especially for beginners like me) I enjoyed this class!


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