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Beatrice Pedrini

UI and Visual Designer



Italy north to south, looking for a color palette

I have been nearly lived on a train during the last two years, going back and forth between Bologna and Rome. These two cities are pretty different one from the other, but some neighborhoods have things in commons, especially those built during the middle ages. When I first moved to Rome, I found myself looking for those alike neighbourhoods, searching for a particular mood. I still do that sometimes, and everytime I roam around looking for warm colors and bricks' walls, I know I am actually looking for a piece of my hometown.

These photos are from both cities and are a perfect example of how I unconsciously follow a color palette. Or maybe not so unconscously.

All photos are taken with a "vintage" iPhone 4 and edited with Snapseed and VSCOcam. For more of my photos, find me on Instagram.


Chiostro di Michelangelo. Terme di Diocleziano || Roma

Casa Berti. Via Santo Stefano || Bologna

Church of Santa Maria della Pace || Roma

Fiat 500. Aventino || Roma

Via IV Novembre || Bologna

Via De' Foscherari || Bologna


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