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Italy federation jersey

I have chosen to design the jersey of my country national team.

It is a very difficult project because ill have to innovate a little a jersey which  over the years  hasnt changed much not to say it hasnt at all.

For now i am trying to collect inspiration material as requested and attempt to identify the elements which make Italy immediately distinguishable, the charachter of the team or the country and then turn them into design features

one element is the blue color or azzurro in italian hence they are called the azzurri

its not a whatever blue but a deep electric blue even if the jersey was produced in history in several different shades of blue

here s an example from last european cup games which is representative of the caracteristic blue color

another distinctive feature is the tricolor like in the picture below

it has always been present on the chest shield placed on the left usually

but several times since the notable example of 1982 has been a graphic element on the jersey.


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