Italie - student project

The poster I chose was provided via the inspirational pinterest board Brad created: 

Italie - image 1 - student project

I really love this poster - such an awesome design with lots of crazy shapes and neat textures.. can't wait to get started! 

EDIT 05/17:

First I blocked in the major components with the pen tool. Since the design is very geometric, I didn't use too many actual shapes, instead opting to manually draw points. 

Italie - image 2 - student project

Then I tweaked the colors a bit to resemble the original more closely. I also added in some squiggle textures and made some minor shape edits. 

Italie - image 3 - student project

Next up, the squiggle textures for remaining tents!

EDIT 05/18:

Italie - image 4 - student project

More tweaks: finished up shells, added some of the umbrellas, face, guitar details, etc. 

EDIT 05/22:

Italie - image 5 - student project

I finished up all the tents and umbrellas. Haven't worked on the text yet, as I've yet to have a chance to watch that video. But I did play with textures a bit. That was fun!