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Italian gothic - The Pascucci Family

Confession - I originally was going to spend my time creating a graphic that would work for a personal project.  I've had a dream of launching a t-shirt line for a number of years and have found the skillshare helps me continually work on something that brings me closer to that goal.  That being said I watched the videos and love Draplin for how he makes anyone feel confident in creating graphics.  I used some pieces i'd created awhile back and thought it was a good start. (see below)

As other projects began to pop up and I read about the contest I felt like that kid in the back of the room who everyone is annoyed with because they really don't by into the class so I did a bunch of thinking and put in some more clicking hours.  I did a bit of research.  Take a look at the progress shots.

After a bit of screen time I came up with a more appropriate version.

Ok so now I'm saying to myself this is looking pretty good.  Let me give some history to explain why.

My family is Italian and it was easy to pull the red, white and green from the Italian flag.  I did some more digging and found out the Pascucci come from the idea of being born around easter.  

Now to explain my elements.

  • My family has many teachers in it, and their was always a strong push towards education.  This was my grandmothers doing.  She wanted to distance our family from the mob as much as possible. I myself am a teacher thought that logically a book woould be a good symbol.
  • My grandfather was drafted into world war II and eneded up becoming an engineer.  This skill and focus has trickeled down through the generations allowing most of our family members to save money by being well skill at DIY projects from house renovations to simple auto mechanics.
  • In addition the men in my family have a strong history of being talented artists.  This has takenmany forms, but most notibly was my grandfather and father who were oil painters.  I found some simple brushes and made a quick element
  • Lastly I wanted something personal in their while my family is from NY like most good Italians, I spent a large part of my life in CA and wanted to pay ommege to that a bit.  I may opt to swap out the CA outline for a NY outline with an eagle but we will see.
  • With education being a major part of our family, we were always told to work first and play later.  My dad took that and always told me to work hard and play hard.  Took that phrase and used babble fish to translate it to Italian. and plugged it into the banner.

Final Version I ended up with!


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