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Italian Vintage Motors

I've been working as a marketer in a creative team and decided a few months ago to learn design skills.  I've played around on Illustrator and can create simple images, but knew that I needed to solidify the basics if I really wanted to improve my skills.  

I chose the following ad to recreate for my project.


I was initially discouraged from the low quality of the photo I was trying to recreate, but tried to match the shapes as closely as possible in my draft. 

After searching for textures on Illustrator, I eventually had to use the Photoshop to Tiff technique to get an asphalt texture for the road, which I overlaid upon the whole design, to produce a more grainy, vintage feel.  I used various shadings and gradients to try to recreate the perspective of the ad until I was pleased with my final project. 

I know I have many things to improve upon and am excitied to practice other techniques to help my designs! 


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