Italian Pool Ad

Italian Pool Ad - student project

After a long search I finally found a print that caught my (daydreaming) eye, "Piscina di Sarteano" by Athoy, 1962. An ad for a public pool in Italy where the water is kept at 75 degrees fahrenheit. I could get lost in this print but that wouldn't do me any good when trying to work on my project!

Italian Pool Ad - image 1 - student project

Also, I recently saw Life of Pi and was inspired by the beautiful swimming pool scenes.

Italian Pool Ad - image 2 - student project

Bright colors and ladies in hats and caps!

Italian Pool Ad - image 3 - student project

More inspiration, "Relax" print by Rene Gruau. These ladies are gorgeous. Not sure on the difficulty level for my ad but I am up for the challenge and will make it work!

-Excited Newbie

Katie Gillett

creative lady