Italian Pizzelle Cookie | Skillshare Projects

Jeanne Bosko

Textile and Surface Pattern Design



Italian Pizzelle Cookie

I was eating some pizzelle cookies and having my English breakfast tea while watching this tut.

So decided to make a pizelle with frosting!

I am using Illustrator CS5 and still able to complete the techniques used in the class.

(I am on a PC not a MAC.)

Mostly it was a great way to practice over and over the gradient techniques which as Jonathon says "makes your character pop and come alive!"

Here is my preliminary character.  I did not sketch & scan, went right to Illustrator for this particular character.  More to come.


Finished my pizzelle cookie character by adding sprinkles/shadows, re-worked the cookie texture.  Added a cookie box and a cup of tea using the techniques learned such as adding highlights, inner & outer glows, and LOTS AND LOTS of RADIENTS!  A completely new style for me!  Yeah for Jonathan Ball  and his website is crazy good :)



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