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It takes 54 teeth to dazzle me !

On my work desk lies all my stash. A bangle from yesterday. A travel pouch after my trip to Hyderabad. An extension cord that gives sustenance to my gadgets as I camp on my bed endlessly. Day and Night. Self employed. Amidst that stash of papers, gadgets and paraphernalia lies a Rubik’s cube. I was at a cafe some months ago with a friend playing a game of taboo. It was weird playing it amongst two. So we decided to chat instead. After a while a few more people I didn't really know joined us. A part of me was searching for something to conveniently gravitate towards, apart from pleasantries. And then I saw it, a cube with 6 faces peeked at me with a psychedelic smile. Orange, blue, green, red, white, yellow.
I reached out for it after saying my hellos and busied myself. Why haven't I figured you out Rubik? Why haven’t I cracked the code? I wished I were a whiz that could calculate the permutations and deftly put it together in a minute. But I am not. I am fascinated but just not enough. After a while of toying around I resolve to figure it out.

Another evening in Mumbai, I was in a taxi. I saw a street hawker selling Rubik Cubes at the signal. So I rolled down the window and asked him ‘how much’. There’s never a deal on the streets of Mumbai or presumably, all of India wherein you reach out for your purse and hand over the ‘asked’ price. No way. And having stayed out for a good part of my time, I know I particularly lack this trait. I await chances like these where I am alone and have ample time to haggle. Being at a signal gives me an advantage. He agrees. Just as he hands me the cube, the lights turn green and we have to leave. I didn’t have the required change and so we caused a bit of a road block. Yes a Rubik Cube might have stalled someone’s meeting. I felt powerful in a Butterfly effect sorta way. 

I hurriedly tore open the plastic wrapping. I entertained myself till I arrived at the meeting I was to attend. I dumped it into my bag before I got out. And there it lay for a few months. Getting tossed, pressed, scratched as I put in things and took out things day in and day out.

Until finally I decided I must be more organized and emptied out my bag. There dropped a cube with 6 faces and a psychedelic smile. And some teeth knocked out. Empty holes with metal gums. I picked it up and smirked. Well maybe you are going to be a lot easier now aren’t you Rubik. I can fill whatever color I want into your missing tooth. I have my proxies now. But you have lost my attention. And you end up on my ever growing mountain of a desk.


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