It is sales Tiffany

I have found through this project a lot about myself and my drive to work. But not just work Sell! When I was a child  at eight could I sell those girl scout cookies? The answer is Yes! I even won a doll for selling so may of those delicious . To this day I still crave their Thin mint cookies.They did practically sell themselves.However, with that cute smile and a way with words  helped with every sale I am sure about it. I at a small age learned was successful in selling.

 As the years went by I blossomed into a young lady and took on selling Mark. It was a teen version of Avon. Despite multiple hospital stays and times feeling ill I also did well at selling trendy teen fashion jewelry and makeup. Even though the hospital stays were hard and painful. I grew a new skill which I have found to be the most important. Great people skills. I saw so many hospital staff including nurses and doctors. I watched how they would talk and interact and soon turned my great social skills into a craft that helped me each day.

  When I became an adult I threw myself into the world of reality. I worked on and off as my mother's assistant. She is a realtor. Now that I am in better same health wise and my daughter is a little older. I can focus on selling again. Through this class I have learned new selling techniques that I can use day to day. I have to say creating a ownership was my favorite part of the class.I enjoyed learning these new disciplines. I plan on putting them into use next time I am in the office. I feel this class is worth anyone in sales time to take.



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