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Emma Niemans

Graphic Designer



It costs an arm and a leg

Thanks for this class! Fun idea to work from idioms.

There were three that came to mind right away. The best of both worlds, Crying over spilt milk and it costs an arm and a leg. Especially the last two spoke to me because of the funny objects/icons you could use.

I created this really quick and rough sketch of what came me to mind. (don't judge the drawing style)


Next thing was to create a kind of moodboard so I collected shapes and styles that I like.


After I looked around on the noon project I decided to download a few and tweak them untill they were what I had in mind.

The idea of using icons made by others is new to me. But it's really nice that you can try different styles before you invest time to make them yourself.

These are the ones I ended up working from.


While playing around in Illustrator I couldn't decide whether or not I would use outlines. So I took the outlines apart from the filling by letting them float over them. Best of both worlds ;).




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