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It cost an arm and a leg

Part 1. Idiom brainstorm and word list

I has found a lot of idioms in last few days and it was very interesting for me, because I'm not english speaking. I made a list of some funny ones. And I'm still not sure which one to choose.

My favorites is:

  • No room to swing a cat. - sounds weird. I'm not so good in english so I imagine dancing swing dance with the cat and I think it's funny. Then I read that perhaps it means swinging cat around by his tail. Hmm. We have similar idiom in russian, it sounds like: no place for an apple to fall.
  • Cock and bull story. - I imagine love story. They both are guys, but who cares! Looks funny. Love wins anyway, even if you are cock and bull.
  • Cost an arm and a leg. - sounds very funny. I have strange sense of humour, but I like the jokes about body parts.
  • It takes two to tango. - sounds nice. And it's wide range of ideas may come: what someone can't do alone. Ideas may come... May... but they are not coming to me, I feel kind of stupid) Maybe I'll imagine something cool later.
  • Piece of cake. - I like this phrase. And I like cakes. Draw a cake? Too simple... But why not, cakes are always awesome.
  • The lights are on, but nobody's home. - sounds funny. I thought I can draw a room in a shape of a brain and light in it and maybe some furniture... Room in a shape of a brain? How would I draw it??




Part 2. Sketches.

I has selected my idiom, and it's: "It cost an arm and a leg". To be honest I selected it because it was my easiest idea to draw :) From my own experience I know that if you have troubles with drawing something complex, you have just to draw something simple to get better results. So I just draw this funny idiom literally.

I have no different ideas about my idiom: it's my problem, it's hard for me to make different sketches with different ideas. I understand that is very cool and useful, but I have tumbleweed in my brain when think what else I can draw. The good news is that I have at least one idea, so here is my sketches.  


I tried to draw different expensive things on the background, but then I decided not to draw them. I used sheets of transparent paper to refine my sketches. I improve composition a little bit for few times.



For final step I decided to redraw my sketch with the marker. My plan is just to trace it in Illustrator :) Yes, I'm lazy. I seen this technique in some other classes, and I want to try, it seems to be super easy! I just need clean sketch with contrast edges. Like this:


I also like the texture of edges and I want to keep it in my final work.

And here a photo of my process and tools:


Part 2. Final.

Here comes a funny part! Color! As I said before, I decided just to use Tracing in Illustrator, and I did it. Then I just paint different parts in some nice bright vintage colors. I made few experiments with different colors, and choose one that I like most.

Here different color variations:


I choose third. And unfortunately I have no "blender pen" and I doubt that I can find it in my town. I'll try to find it, because method shown in the class looks so cool! I'm very excited with method and with the result and I really want to try it. But now I have a deadline! I want to finish my project for 14-days Challenge. So I just put some textures in photoshop (textures I've got in another class). I'm pretty happy with my drawing and I had a lot of fun with this class!



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