"It annoys me when..." (better title coming at some point)


Hey, I'm Hanna, a moonlighting freelance web designer/designer living in Iowa. I work for a small college doing tech support but my passion really is with design, and so I'm taking advantage of the great self-learning powers of the internet and trying to slowly turn my moonlighting job into my fulltime job.


I like fun little sites, and since I don't want to bite off more than I can chew at this point, I'd like to make a site that does the following:

-Users can submit something that fills in the phrase "It annoys me when ___"

-These text submissions gets thrown up randomly on the home page, and other people visiting can vote, "Yeah, that annoys me too!" "Nope, doesn't bother me" and then potentially another subset of answers: "I do that and you've made me change my ways!" "I do that and I'm not sorry."

I think maybe the user submissions have to be moderated, but after some people vote, you can sort the results on the homepage by "most annoying thing," etc.

It's a rough idea, and I know nothing about Rails and what it can and can't do, but maybe it'll work out. I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a bit, and, yeah, it's not a life-changing app or anything, but it might just work for this month long experience.


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