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It all started in Italy

With a husband in the Navy, we were destined to travel.  Our first duty station after we were married was in Naples, Italy.  We had an incredible two years of travelling around the countryside and exploring the cities.  We especially enjoyed visiting a little hilltop town called Orvieto.  The town is filled with 3-D art from a family of artists who own a shop called Michelangeli.  

Orvieto is well known for its cathedral and history that can be traced to the third century B.C.    Our favorite memories from Orvieto revolve around bringing our friends and family and introducing them to the table wine that we still enjoy serving to any guest.  We prefer the Orvieto Classico by Ruffino and the Chianti Riserva also by Ruffino.  If you have not tried these wines yet, please do!


Honestly speaking, the best souvenirs we brought home from our time in Italy were our two daughters, born in Naples.  Thankfully they are old enough to appreciate wine as well!  Both daughters are fortunate to have their local vineyards to share as they now live in France and California.  Our son, who was born in California, now lives in England.  We enjoy the local beers when we visit his pubs!  


It took us a while to truly appreciate this, but my husband and I have to admit the glass really does make a difference when we drink our wine!  We live near lots of businesses that sell wine, Total Wines is where we'll start.  Friday afternoons, they open about 8 bottles from a various region and start with whites and end with reds and dessert wines.  I like our plaid avenger professor encouraging us to sit at the computer with a glass of wine as we pay attention to his online course.  I suppose I should plan to do this at night...


29 April 2013

Per John's sage instruction, when you find a wine you enjoy, buy a case.  So, I ventured to Costco last week for red wine.  We all know it's not easy to slip out with just one item, no matter how it's packaged.  Nonetheless, I succeeded in my quest and am happy to report we have already popped one lid and savored each sip.

We started our ritual with picking the right vessel (large bulbous glass with long stem) for the red.  We opened the bottle to let it breath a little, prepared our dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it.  What was it?  Again, to channel John's advice...  we leaned toward the < $10/bottle variety.  I think it was actually less than $7 per bottle.

          2011 Beaulieu Vineyard ("since 1900") Cabernet Sauvignon ~~ California Grown

Paired with a steak fresh off the barbie and a salad full of fresh vegetables, this wine was a winner.  Don't let the 2011 deceive you.  It looks young, but tastes full and smooth.  Not a tart red wine nor is it sweet by any means.  It is just right for a casual dinner.  It goes down real easily.  As the label on the back describes, you WILL smell and taste the blackberry and dark cherry.  I especially like this description:  velvety.

That's why we bought the case!  



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