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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

I'm just getting started on this fabulous project! I've come to realize that through being a new mama that it does indeed take a village - a pretty kick-ass village at that - to raise a beautiful child. 

My first lettering project on the word: Village

Now for my inspiration...

I've been meditating on what type of village I'm trying to portray and I am excited to say I've decided on a campfire theme... The fire hearth bringing together people, sometimes family, friends and complete strangers. Camp has always been something to promote self-sufficiency which is what I beleive a village can teach a child. So I'm going with the vintage camp theme. 


Now for a new idea completely! After some more doodling I didn't love the campfire idea and how it was coming out on paper. The campfire kept seeming, well, too campy. So, after some more meditating I have decided on a, very cliche, hot air balloon theme. My son absolutely adores hot air balloons and I know all children are enamored by them. I wanted to focus more on the word RAISE and less on the idea of the VILLAGE so the balloon fit quite well. 

Here are my concepts/brainstorming:

Raise, love, strong, support, clouds, free, sweet, innocence, focus, community, big.

Here's what I got so far:


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