It’s a hard rock life

It’s a hard rock life - student project

This is my first Skillshare project submission so I thought I’d start with something gentle and this class was ideal, unfortunately I didn’t get to take the pictures during daylight when I painted them so the picture quality is off my first attempt (left to right) wasn’t successful but I felt I improved the more I made I settled into a relaxed, non rushed state of mind and indeed it was a very meditative process. 


My rocks ended up being semi abstract, I used wet in wet and dry brush layered on top to create textures. Although it’s hard to see I added random streaks of metallic gold paint as I liked the thought of veins of metal threading through the rock like ores.


Thank you Camilla for a nice simple class with which I ended up with results better than I expected!


It’s a hard rock life - image 1 - student project