It’s Afton!

It’s Afton! - student project

Do you like it.? Please leave a positive review and consider following me here and on social media. Unlike my 25 year old daughter who has been adding friends on social media since she was 14, and has thousands of followers and hundreds of likes on her breakfast burrito she ate (haha, for real!) I only added family and now that I am selling my art again I realize that I don’t know how to build up my social media and it really makes a difference in the internet world. Thank you!

It’s Afton! - image 1 - student projectIt’s Afton! - image 2 - student projectIt’s Afton! - image 3 - student projectIt’s Afton! - image 4 - student project

Brenda Knoll
Life is short, cram as much in as u can!