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It's a Me!

This is the third class I've taken from Jake Bartlett. Each class, I swear, gets more difficult but has the most rewarding final product.

I've been working on this class for a lot longer than the other classes I've taken, mostly because I'll design the character, import into After Effects, discover problems with the character, redesign it, and repeat until I got frustrated and had to quit for the day. :D At least I can finally say: I'm finished! Time to move on to Part II (after a break).

First Round of Character Illustrations


The first sets of Illustrations involved thick outlines and box-y shapes. My first round included me playing around with different outfits to see which suited me best.

Final (or so I thought) Character Design


Iterating from the first round of designs, I rounded out the chest and the curvature of the jeans to make me look more feminine. This was the first version of my character that I imported into After Effects. Mistakes were made.



Four (if we aren't counting endless tweaking) frustrating iterations later.

Here she is! I wanted to make this version of the character much for rounded and cartoon-y and I love the results. Not to mention, she is now way easier to animate in After Effects. I stripped away the harsh black lines, redesigned her to stand at a 3/4 position, and simplified the limbs. 

Final Animation


I honestly could not say for sure how many times I opened up AE, imported artwork, saved files, found errors, deleted said file, and started over. It was a lot. But I'm glad that, even though this animation is by no means perfect, I am proud of my work and feel that I have learned enough to move on to the next step.

Once again, thank you Jake for all of your amazing classes. I'll see you in Part 2!

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