Patrick Amann

Motion Graphic Designer



Isometric Modern Minimal House

First off, I didn't draw this. I thought I could catch up to the class if I picked a piece of vector stock art. After beginning to animate, I realized that I might have bitten off more than could chew on this project, so it's taking longer than I had planned to invest. 

Next, I opened the document in Illustrator and separated all of the elements to their own layer. Saved a PNG of the final artwork for reference in After Effects, then deleted all extraneous / duplicate artwork (trees, bushes). 



Then, I imported the file into After Effects, as a composition with layers size option. 

Next, I organized the layers by creating precomps of "whole elements" and changing the Label group color to something close to that element. (Green for trees, etc)


Phase Animation:

Setting up to animate, I moved the layers in time to markers at 1, 2, 3, 4 seconds just to get a basic idea of when each element would appear.

I'm still finishing up some details on the animation, but here it is in it's current state. I will probably offset the trees and bushes later. Add back in the shadow on the car (the artwork was a solid color and I need it to be tranparent with most likely a Multiply blend mode. 

Save as Animated GIF

There might be a better way, as I'm new to saving animated GIFs, but here's how I did it.

To create an animated GIF, I exported the a Quicktime movie (JPEG / PNG Sequence will work too) and then opened that file in Photoshop CC 2105 and then File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy)

Unless, I run the animation in reverse to create a seamless looping GIF, I will probably leave a few seconds at the end when the car parks before the loop starts again. 



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