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Isolated Lady

First of all, Sandra, thank you so much for such a useful class! You've saved me countless hours.

I kept this particular line drawing fairly simple because it will ultimately end up sized much smaller onto a monthly coloring sheet that I do based on the artifacts found in the drawers of my museum (long story!). This particular sketch was of a powder compact that a woman would take with her to keep her from getting shiny. People still do this today of course but the compacts are usually provided by the manufacturer; however, dusting powder back in the day was usually sold loose and a person would refill their compact as necessary. Sorry! You can take the girl out of the museum...

To make a long story short (too late!) There are some serious works of art that were just carried around in handbags for over a century.


So I drew it quickly in ink and then cleaned it up with the eraser tool, it went so quickly!


I tried not to get too lost in the cleanup process but I can get pretty fussy sometimes. I played around with the opacity and combining color and texture overlays, that was interesting.


I wouldn't necessarily leave it these colors but playing with the color overlays was so much fun. I'm looking forward to reworking some of the ink drawings that I already have and maybe those textures and patterns that I've been stockpiling!


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