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Isolate hair in Photoshop under 15 minutes - Top 3 Techniques

Class Title
Isolate hair in Photoshop under 15 minutes - Top 3 techniques

Class Description
See how multiple award winning designer Rosen Dukov works his magic with one of the most boring things to do with waving hair - isolate it from background. In this 30-minute class, you’ll learn his top 3 ways for isolating hair in Photoshop under 15 minutes. Works with all kinds of haircuts, hair colors, male or female.
This class is perfect for designers, artists, photographers and everyone who works with Adobe Photoshop. By the end, you’ll have perfectly isolated hair for your future projects.

Three ways to quickly isolate hair in Adobe Photoshop. This assignment will teach you how to extract hair from almost all types of different background. You can choose one of three techniques provided, depending on the hair type, colour or background.

Upload your before/after states of isolated hair photos.

Approximate Length: 30 min.

Link to Google Docs


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