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For my project, I wanted to do a milk jug, which I figured was a pretty simple shape to start out with. I sketched it out on regular paper for several reasons but mostly because I was in a bar with no printer.


Yes, that is an udder. No, it did not make it into the final piece because cow nipples are weird. 

Sketched out a few more key parts of any nutritional breakfast.


Scanned them with Adobe Capture. Great little, free program- highly recommend it and it works seamlessly with creative cloud. 


The milk jug was the first and easiest. The colors were tweaked using the Adjust Color Balance technique. If you follow the instructions, it's a walk in park. The actions provided in the resources section are valuable as hell.  


The maple syrup jug was a little more difficult. Taking the shortcut and simply rounding the corners will not get you properly isometric circles. This is an example of laziness, and not taking the time to create the circle within a square guideline. 


And here's an example of properly doing it, although I don't mind the maple syrup bottle. The difference you'll notice is the circle is less of an oval when you do it properly. 


Final pieces

Coffee didn't make it in the final pieces, but I'm going to continue to work with it. :) The orange juice carton was simple enough that I didn't feel like sketching it out first. And I was fine with how the maple syrup bottle came out, but I'll probably recreate it in the future. Thanks for the class, Hayden! :)


Bonus image: Uddermetric



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