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Islamic Inspired Mosaic

My project was inspired by a coloring book of traditional Islamic geometric designs. I couldnt buy the book itself at the time, but I downloaded some similar pages just to get the inspiration flowing.


My mood board made me realize that all of my inspiration was alreay patterns so I needed to reimagine the Islamic Mosaic rather than recreate it. My color inspiration is a Josef Alber piece.


In my drawings I started pull out interesting shapes from the patterns on my mood board:


And here is my final pattern:


I am honestly not completly happy with it, but I learned a ton! I had never used Illustrator before this project so I was learning a whole new vocabulary along with learning how to create a pattern. After I finished this pattern I stepped back and made a second pattern with the same shapes. My second pattern took a quarter of the time to make, partially because its simpler and partially because I didnt make nearly as many mistakes. I am still trying to figure how to save things without completely ruining the quality and learning the different layers. I think I will back up and take a Illustrator basics class next!

Second pattern:


Elizabeth, Thank you so much for this class! I am so excited to learn more about pattern design and create more and more patterns! - My new blog documenting my journey as an aspiring textile designer. ;) 


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